Asset Tracking

Do you need to track high value goods? Our asset tracking devices allow surveillance of high value goods, cargo, or vehicles anywhere in the world. They are compact, self-contained and easy to conceal, perfect for covert installation.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Compact and easy installation with self-contained antennas
  • Internal batteries for long-term operation over several months or years without power
  • Simple zero-cost installation
  • High reliability
  • Global communications, using mobile phone networks or satellites
  • Track Anywhere

Our range of waterproof and dustproof tracking devices means you can keep an eye on your assets in the harshest of environments. We also have a satellite-based unit that works in the remotest of areas, even in the middle of the ocean.

Flexible Alerting:

Set alerts to notify you when exceptional events occur, including:

  • When battery levels run low
  • Assets are moved
  • Assets enter or leave a designated area